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Parts Warehouse

Used Parts, Cables, Accessories, Smartphones, Tablets and almost everything computer related!


Here at Renew we have an ongoing/rotating stock of computer parts for both Apple and PC as well as almost any computer part you can thinks of. We warehouse a huge 4,000 square foot inventory of computers, keyboards, mice, cables, optical drives, hard drives, memory, a variety of circuit boards, networking gear, servers and more. We stock hundreds of laptops for parts and power adapters for almost any laptop, printer, or device. We have CRT and LCD flat panel monitors.  We also keep on hand older, hard to find pre-Pentium machines and thousands of other parts including printers, stereo equipment, VCRs, DVD players, and televisions.  We now have a large selection of Android and Apple Smartphones and Tablets, as well as iPods for sale.  Looking for that unique, hard to find or incredibly old part? Call Us!  


Parts List:

These items are used and refurbished.  All parts come with a 90-day warranty.  Receipt required for all returns.  Returns are accepted within 90 days for store credit only.  All parts subject to San Rafael 9.0% sales tax.

May 2018

Item Price/item
AC Power Adapters/Transformers, 5v, 6v, 9v, 12v, etc. $5
AGP Video Card $15
Apple Laptop Power Adapter/Charger (New & Used) 65W & 85W $45
Apple Keyboard $20
Apple Lightning Cable USB $5
Apple iPod Charger $5
Audio Speaker Cable $1/ft
Audio Splitter Cable $5
Audio/Video Remote Controls $10
Battery Charger, Household & Camera $5
Calculators, Basic, Scientific $5, $10
Bluetooth Ear Piece $15
CD-RW Drive, desktop $12
CD Players/Walkman $10
Cell Phone Batteries $2
Refurbished Cell Phones w/ charger $25
Cell Phone Chargers $5
Coaxial Cable, One bundle $5
Computer Fan $5
Computer Speaker Set, Used, New $15, $20
DSL/Cable Modems $25
DVI to VGA Adapter $5
DVI Cable 6ft $5
DVDRW Drive, desktop $12
DVDRW USB Drive External, New $29
Ethernet Adapter/Coupler $3
Ethernet Cable (Cat 5) , 6ft or less $5
Ethernet Cable, (Cat 5) 6-24ft $15
Ethernet Cable (Cat 5) 25 ft or longer $25
Firewire Cable $1/ft
Flash Drive USB 16GB (New) $15
Flash Drive USB 32GB (New) $20
Floppy/Zip Disks $1
Game Console Power Cords/AudioVisual Cords $5
Game Console Controllers $10
Games, Playstaion, Nintendo, XBox, PC $5
HDMI Cable 6ft  $5
HDD Bracket 2.5" to 3.5"  $10
HDD, Desktop 40GB $5
HDD, Desktop 80GB $10
HDD, Desktop 120GB $12
HDD, Desktop 160GB $15
HDD, Desktop 250GB $20
HDD, Desktop 320GB $25
HDD, Desktop 500GB $35
HDD, Desktop 1TB, Used, New $40, $75
HDD, Laptop 1TB, New $89
HDD External Storage Device (New) 2 TB  $99
HDD SOLID STATE (New, laptop and desktop) 250GB $129.00
HDD SOLID STATE (New, laptop and desktop) 480GB $179.00
Headphones, Earphones $5
Headsets w/ mic $10
Household Power Extension Cable $3
HP JetDirect Cards $10
IDE/Floppy/SCSI Ribbon Cables $3
Ink Cartridges, All brands of printers, New & Unopened $10 ea
Jewel Cases $0.50 ea
Laptop Lock $10
Laptop Power Adapter/Charger for PC, 19v, 20v, etc.   $20
LCD Computer Monitor, 15"  (cables included) $25
LCD Computer Monitor, 17"  (cables included) $50
LCD Computer Monitor, 19"  (cables included) $65
LCD Computer Monitor, 20" or larger $75+
LCD Cleaning Cloths $2
Long Power Cables $7
Memory Cards $10
Mini USB Cable $5
Micro USB Cable $5
Molex & Internal Desktop Power Cables $3
Mouse Pad $1
Mouse, PC & Apple, USB, PS2, Serial, Ball-type $10
Mouse, Ergonomic $10
Palm Chargers $15
PC USB Keyboard $10
PC Microphone $10
PC Games $5
PCI-Express Video Card $30
PCI Video Card $20
PCI Sound Card $10
PCI Network Card $10
PC Speaker Cable $5
Power Strip/Surge Protector $5
Power Cord, Basic, Two-Prong, Three-Prong $3
Power Supplies, Desktop $20
Portable Cassette Recorders $15
Print Servers $15
Desktop and Laptop Memory, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, all types ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓  
RAM 128 MB $5
RAM 256 MB $5
RAM 512 MB $5
RAM 1 GB $10
RAM 2 GB $15
RAM 4 GB or 2x2GB (4GB)                    $30, $25
RAM 2x4GB (8GB) $50
RCA Cable $5
SATA Data Cable $3
SCSI Cables $7
Serial Cables $7
Serial Mouse $10
Servo/Stepper Motors $10
S-Video Cable $1/ft
Speaker Wire bundle $5
Smartphones w/ Power Cord (if available) $30 to $70
Telephone Wall Jacks $3
Telephone Splitters $3
Telephone Wire, One bundle $5
TV Tuner Card $15
USB/Serial Adapter $5
USB Data Transfer Cables $5
USB Extension $1/ft
USB A to B Cable $1/ft
USB 2.0 Hub $10
USB Floppy Drive, external $10
VGA Monitor Cable $5
Webcam (USB), Basic, HD $10, $20
Wireless PCI Card $15
Wireless Routers/Networking Equipment $25
Wired Routers, Hubs & Switches $25
Wireless-N USB Adapter (New) $25
25 Pin Printer Cables $5


Looking for something not on the list? Call us!



Renew Computers Inc. 446 DuBois Street, San Rafael, CA 415-457-8801